Tugtupite - polished slice

Tugtupite - polished slice

Tugtupite is rare, and found primarily in the Ilimaussaq complex, Greenland.

Species: Tugtupite
Group: Silicates – tectosilicates
Location: Ilimaussaq complex, Greenland
Chemical Formula: Na4BeAlSi4O12Cl
Crystal System: Tetragonal
Habit: Granular masses
Colour: White, pink, carmine; colour often gets stronger with exposure to sunlight, and bleaches if kept in the dark

Birthstone for: Leo
Aligns with the Heart Chakra
Properties: Tugtupite is closely related to sodalite, and has similar cleansing properties. It has a strong energy, and initially may feel uncomfortable to work with. This can be remedied by meditating with or programming the crystal, so your energy and the energy of the crystal become attuned to one another. Tugtupite will then call to your attention anything that is in need of clearing, before cleansing and purifying the energetic body and lymphatic system. It clears and opens the Chakras, especially from the Heart upwards, also the higher Chakras, above the Crown and Upper Crown, allowing pure light to flow into the body, and leaving a sense of clarity and equilibrium in its wake. It also warms the Heart, encouraging compassion and unconditional love. The pink colouring becomes stronger with exposure to sunlight, and fades if kept in darkness, reminding us to let our own love and light shine in the world, rather than hiding it away.

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