Brochantite on Quartz

Brochantite on Quartz, Socorro, New Mexico, USA

Group: Sulphates
Chemical Formula: Cu4SO4(OH)6 Copper sulphate hydroxide
Crystal System: Monoclinic
Habit: Short prismatic to acicular
Location: Namibia, Bisbee, Arizona, USA, Soccorro County, New Mexico, USA. also Algeria, Morroco, Chile, Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain, England and Australia
Colouration: Emerald Green

Birthstone for: Capricorn
Aligns with the Heart and Upper Heart Chakras

Properties: Brochantite clears and opens the Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras, as well as the Bindu Visarga, allowing for clarity of thought, and grounds spiritual energy through the Sacral Chakra. It can create a shift of consciousness, and also lead to deep meditation and a feeling of serenity and contentment. On a more earthly level, it supports communication with others and promotes friendship. Physically, it helps to cleanse and heal the sinuses and throat. Brochantite strengthens our connection with nature, and can bring visions of beautiful landscapes.

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