And number of lotus petals


Emotion or Effect

Sabasrara, Crown, or Seventh Top of head White, clear, silver, indigo, or magenta; the potential of all colours; some see it as white petals flashing a myriad of rainbow colours as they open (Beyond time and space); 1,000 petals (a multitude) None Spiritual Development; clarity of mind
Ajna, Third Eye, Brow or Sixth Brow area, between and slightly above eyebrows Purple or violet (white)* No element; 2 petals Hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary – production of hormones; also the brain Psychic development, calm, control of sleep patterns and dreams, releasing unhealthy behaviour patterns and grief
Vishuddha, Throat, or Fifth Throat Blue Ether; 16 petals Thyroid and parathyroid, metabolic rate Communication, intellect, calm, and to some extent, creativity
Anahata, Heart or Fourth Heart area, at the centre of the breast bone Green, Pink (gray)* Air; 12 petals The heart and thymus, lungs and immune system Love, emotions, balance and harmony
Manipura, Solar Plexus or Third Solar Plexus, immediately below the sternum and between the bottom of the ribcage Yellow or gold (red)* Fire; 10 petals Digestive system, adrenals, kidneys and liver; the most common area to be affected by stress; the upper level of Prana of Ch’i Associated with joy and creativity (also anger)
Svadisthana, Sacral, Navel or Second Abdomen, an inch or two below the navel Orange (white)* Water; 6 petals Intestines and female reproductive system; the lower level of Prana or Ch’i Happiness, motivation and creativity, inner strength and self-protection
Muladhara, Root, Base, or First Anus or crotch area Red, black (yellow)* Earth; 4 petals Male reproductive system, skeleton, bone marrow, immune system Grounding and connection with the earth, protection and letting go of pain or addiction


*Colours in parentheses are from the Handbook of Ayurveda by Dr Shantha Godagama, and demonstrate that not all Chakra systems follow the same colour system. For the sake of simplicity, names and colours marked as bold are the ones we will use

©Janelle Scialla, October 2007

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