Chakra Crystal Chart

Crystals and Colour Therapy: Crystal Colours and Their Meanings

Chakra Crystals

The chart below shows the Chakras, including some secondary Chakras, variations with different systems, colours associated with them (again with variations), and suggested crystals to use with each Chakra. There are many other crystals, and some crystals may be used with more than one Chakra. In the case of the Heart Chakra, some systems differentiate between the colour of the Upper Heart (green) and Heart (pink), while others use both for the main Heart Chakra. Notice that metals are also used in crystal healing.

The colours and crystals in bold type are the most commonly used, and the crystals strongly recommended for your own Chakra set.





Upper Crown Clear (bright) Aids connection with Spirit, the Angelic Realm and the Divine Clear apophyllite, phenakite, selenite, herkimer diamond,
Rainbow In addition to the above, balances and clears the Chakras Rainbow quartz, peacock ore, rainbow moonstone

Clarity and clear thinking

Clear Quartz, herkimer diamond, diamond, moonstone, selenite, apophyllite, petalite, aragonite


Purification, wisdom

Howlite, magnesite



Silver, Muscovite Mica

Violet Aids connection with Spirit, psychic development and calm outlook Iolite, violet fluorite, violet scapolite
Indigo Aids connection with Spirit, psychic development Iolite, lapis lazuli (in some systems)
Magenta Heaven/earth connection, Ruby, lepidolite
THIRD EYE Purple Calms, sooths, aids psychic development, and ‘letting go’ of bereavement and unhealthy behaviour patterns Amethyst, sugilite, charoite, violet fluorite, lepidolite, purple aragonite
Indigo Aids connection with Spirit, psychic development Iolite, lapis lazuli (in some systems)
THROAT Blue Aids communication, balances thyroid function, enhances intellect Blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, blue calcite, larimar, sodalite, angelite, indicolite (blue tourmaline), blue chalcedony, blue scapolite,
Upper Heart, HEART Green

Balances and harmonises, supports the immune system

Aventurine, malachite, green jade, new jade, prehnite, verdelite (green tourmaline), green calcite, chrysoprase, moss agate, green fluorite, epidote


Nurtures, and supports both the physical and emotional heart; enhances love on all levels

Rose quartz, ruby, rubellite (pink tourmaline), kunzite (pink spodumene), rhodonite, morganite (pink beryl), pink petalite, manganocalcite, pink chalcedony


Promotes joy and creativity,

Citrine, yellow jasper, yellow calcite, amber, yellow apatite, imperial topaz, gold tiger’s eye, sulphur, yellow scapolite, orpiment, gold fluorite, wulfenite


Promotes joy and creativity; a warming mineral

Gold, pyrite


Happiness, inner strength and stillness, creativity, vital energy

Carnelian, orange quartz, orange calcite, red jasper (some systems), vanadinite, crocoite, amber


In addition to the above, promotes heat exchange

Copper, chalcopyrite

ROOT Red Grounds, protects, strengthens, dissolves fear; improves libido Garnet (almandine or pyrope)
Black Grounds, protects, strengthens, dissolves fear; aids ‘letting go’ of bereavement and unhealthy behaviour patterns Smoky quartz, obsidian, black onyx, black tourmaline (schorl), aegerine
Grey (metallic) Grounds, protects, strengthens, dissolves fear Hematite, goethite, galena, stibnite, wolframite
Brown Calms and protects, strengthens connection with the earth Chiastolite
Earth Grey Calms and protects, bestows inner strength Grey agate
Brown Calms and protects, strengthens connection with the earth Chiastolite, dravite (brown tourmaline)

Other Colours and Qualities

The chart below shows colours not associated with the Chakras, and also other physical qualities, such as iridescence or multiple colours, which makes the crystal difficult to classify by Chakra, and can effect how a crystal works. There is also a list of suggested crystals for each one. This list is by no means comprehensive, and you can add to it as you learn more about crystals.

Colour or Quality

General Meaning


Turquoise colour Powerfully healing; bestows protection and strength Turquoise, chrysocolla, blue Hemimorphite, amazonite
Blue-grey colour Connects with the Bindu Visarga, a “point” or “drop” (mainly in Kundalini Tantra)  at the top back of the head; communication, especially with one’s guides Blue kyanite, celestite, anhydrite, angelite (massive formed anhydrite)
Reflective, mirror-like surface Self-reflection; brings hidden issues to the surface, so they may be dealt with; also can repel negative energy Hematite, goethite, mica, sheen obsidian, polished silver
Iridescent Inner vision; helps to develop psychic gifts and spiritual awareness, as well as creativity and playfulness Opal, labradorite, moonstone, sunstone
Multi-coloured (rainbow) Balancing, especially for the Chakras, aura, and mental body Rainbow fluorite, rainbow quartz, elbaite (multi-coloured tourmaline), peacock ore, rainbow obsidian
Pink and green combination Balancing on every level, especially emotions, hormones, and immune system; can be used to treat ME and immune system disorders Watermelon tourmaline, ruby Zoisite, ruby fuchsite, unakite, atlantisite (serpentine with stichtite)
Lustre and brilliance – external reflection of light from the surface A strong alignment with the Upper Crown Chakra, spiritual development and connection to one’s higher self, guides, angels, and Spirit Clear apophyllite, herkimer diamond, silver quartz, phenakite, diamond, pink and clear danburite, morganite (pink beryl), kunzite (pink spodumene), hiddenite (green spodumene)

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November 2007, June 2008

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